What to expect

Riding an electric bike is just like riding a normal bicycle.

With our Super 73 ebikes, the electric motor and sensors detect how much effort you're applying and the motor compensates to assist.

As you cycle you can choose more or less assistance, simply by selecting a different power level, from your inbuilt digital display. Much like gears, the assistance is provided in a gentle and measured way, with no excessive thrust or explosive bursts of power. All of our bikes also have gears to assist with challenging hills, so you can do as much or as little work as you like.


To comply with Victorian legislation electric bikes are restricted to assist up to 25 kmph and have a maximum 250 watt power unit. They can legally be ridden on public roads, cycle paths, and shared cycle ways  – in fact anywhere you can ride a conventional bicycle.


Your tour starts at Police Point, the entrance to Point Nepean National Park. It's here you'll meet your tour guide and be introduced to your ebike.  Before you arrive, make sure you've downloaded the Super 73 app - you cant start your bike without it!

There's a link to it just here:


The bike induction will take approximately 10 minutes and will cover:
  • Operation
  • Bike Safety
  • Rider Safety
  • Path Etiquette
  • Basic Operation
  • Wildlife rules

From here, your journey will commence. We'll conduct a mix of Road and Trail riding which is for the most part, of an easy grade suited to all levels of fitness. The beauty of our bikes is they will compensate for any energy you don't want to expel!

We have several stops along the way, where you will park your bike and get to explore on foot at historical landmarks, including Quarantine Station, Gunners Cottage and Cemetery, Cheviot Hill, Fort Pearce and Fort Nepean. There's also plenty of time for amazing photo opportunities.

Your tour will conclude with a leisurely ride back to the pickup point, via Gunners Cottage. 

Tour duration: 2.5-3.0 hours.



where nature meets history

Your tour will take you on a cultural, historical and natural journey. Learn about the history of Fort Nepean and its role in protecting Victoria's gold reserves, see our wildlife in its natural habitat and witness the breath taking beauty of our ocean and bay.


a front row seat for the action

You'll have the best seat in the house on our modern, comfortable and powerful Super 73 ebikes. Experience the view, the smells and the sounds like never before while having zero impact on the environment.