Safety and Insurance


At Emocean, the health and safety of our riders is our top priority. To ensure safe and responsible riding practices, we have developed the following ebike safety policy:


  1. Wear a helmet: All riders are required to wear a properly fitting helmet while riding an ebike.
  1. Follow traffic laws and guidelines: Riders must adhere to all traffic laws, including but not limited to obeying speed limits, stopping at stop signs and red lights, and giving right of way to pedestrians.
  1. Use proper equipment: We provide education on, and require the use of, proper equipment - such as lights, reflectors and other safety attachments.
  1. Bike maintenance and upkeep: We maintain our ebikes in good working condition. You are required to report any problems to our maintenance crew or your tour guide.
  1. Don't ride impaired: If a rider will is impaired from a substance, such as alcohol or drugs they must not use our eBikes. This will also be at the discretion of your tour guide.
  1. Knowledge and compliance with ebike laws: All riders must comply with local and state ebike laws.
  1. No reckless riding allowed: Reckless riding, such as performing stunts or riding at unsafe speeds, is prohibited and riders who harm others may be held liable.
  1. In the event of an issue or questions of safety, we require riders to speak to a team member or tour guide who has been tasked with safety.


By adhering to this safety policy, we can help ensure the safety of all riders and the success of your tour.