We provide:

  • A bike!
  • Helmet
  • Bike Lock

Our bike tours take place on wide dirt trails and bitumen roads. All participants should be comfortable riding a bike and shifting gears. There are short steep descents with the possibility of loose rock and gravel. These tours are not for someone new to biking.

Much of the land on Point Nepean is undulated, meaning there is up and down climbing. Your bikes are designed to compensate for these meaning the most you will feel is the energy expelled on a slow walk.

The tour will be 2-2.5 hours.

Please arrive 15 minutes prior to your tour to allow for bike fitting and induction.

Closed toe shoes such as tennis shoes (no sandals or thongs), long loose pants or shorts (padded biking shorts/pants are best), short or long sleeve shirt and lightweight jacket (weather permitting).

Sunscreen, sunglasses, bottled water are encouraged, or can be purchased from your tour guide.

Yes, you must participate in the tour and follow the directions of the tour guide. If you are interested in going off on your own, please see the rental section of this website.

Toilets are only available at the quarantine station. We advise you go before we ride!

Yes. Helmets will be provided, but you can use your own helmet.

No. The bikes are provided and calibrated to each other to keep the group moving at the same speed.

The Super 73 ebike will be provided with a fully charged battery. The 700Wh battery will last between 3.5-4.5 hours of continuous riding depending upon the terrain and power level being used

All European spec Super73's (sold in Europe and Australia) are natively classified as bicycles, meaning there's no need for a special license to ride them and they don't need to be registered as road vehicles.

No. All of ou beaches are protected, and sand is not good for our bikes.