Mornington Peninsula - Point Nepean Tour

Welcome to our matchless ebike tour! Hop on and experience the perfect blend of history, nature, and adventure. Our tour starts at Point Nepean and takes you on an exhilarating journey through lush foliage, sandy trails, and historical landmarks.

First stop, the Quarantine Station, where you'll travel back to a time when this coastal haven helped safeguard Australia against fatal epidemics. Get ready for endless photo opportunities, as you explore the historic buildings with our expert guide.

Continuing the journey, you'll pass by multiple detours full of inspiring flora and fauna before finding your way to Gunners Cottage. Be ready to indulge in playful bouts of 'oohs' and 'ahs' as the secluded trail will reveal stunning views of the coastline and historic gravesites from WW1.

Hold tight as we travel up towering Cheviot Hill, the amazement will surge as you catch a glimpse over the historic Port Phillip Bay towards the Melbourne skyline. The extraordinary sights continue at Fort Pearce, where you'll get a chance to contemplate the history that surrounded this site over the last century.

Finally, the exhilarating finale to your tour will delight at Fort Nepean, a site with a long history of military defence. As you browse trenches and track where Australia’s first soldiers repelled enemy ships from the bay, we promise goosebumps will momentarily take over.

With over 19 kilometers of beautiful coastline and thrilling landmarks, our ebike tour will provide a remarkable experience that once experienced will never be forgotten!